Saturday, May 11, 2013

MADELEINE J/24 Fowey Trophy Champion

J/24 one-design sailboats- sailing UK Fowey Rocks regatta(Fowey, Cornwall, England)- As the J/24 class in the United Kingdom and Ireland prepare for the onslaught of "foreign" teams to invade the "islands" like the Vikings of old to plunder for J/24 Worlds silverware, the locals are not taking the challenge lying down.  Quite the contrary, in fact.  With Olympic medallists, World and European champions in their quiver, the UK/ Irish contingent are pulling out all the stops to ensure it's a "jolly good show" for all, not just as hosts, but as competitors, too.

This past weekend, Duncan McCarthy and the team of MADELEINE (GBR 4265) got their season off to a great start by claiming the 2013 Fowey Trophy by 3 pts from the HITCHHIKER team (GBR 4242).  Third was JIGGY 2, forth was JUMBA and fifth was JAWBREAKER.

Kudos to the Fowey Gallants Sailing Club for "just the job, well done mates" for a great weekend series.  Every step of the way to the Worlds in Howth will be paved by such efforts to ensure the "home team" provide a gallant defense to win the title for the British/ Irish isles, or is it-- "the Queen"!!  We will all soon find out!   For more J/24 Fowey Trophy sailing information