Wednesday, May 1, 2013

J Media Around The Globe!

J/70 Varen sailing magazine test (Newport, RI)- While many sailors in the USA and Europe have seen the J/70 sail or saw one in local boat shows or sailing magazines, there are still parts of the world that have not- like Belgium and Chile.

Recently, Belgian sailors had their taste of the J/70 sailing experience. Their premiere sailing magazine- VAREN- did a test of the J/70 on the Braassemermeer and it was recently featured in latest issue- please see 

Furthermore, VAREN did a cameo video on the J/70 sailing on YouTube, please watch here.

J/70 sailing Chilean Lake in Andes MountainsIn the meantime, Manuel Eguiguren was recently out sailing J/70s on a spectacular Chilean lake high in the Andes Mountains of South America-- enjoy this "J/70 sailing music video" here.

J/70 sailing Key West Race Week- Sailing World- sharon green/ ultimate sailingCover Girl- J/70! Did anyone see the April issue of Sailing World magazine?  The J/70 was on the cover and SW Editor Dave Reed's article was about the J/70 sailing experience in Key West Race Week. In addition, the "From the Expert's" article was about sportboat tips that are directly applicable to the 70.

Cover Girl- J/24! The March Sailing World cover was about how the International J/24 continues to maintain passionate, devoted followers of the world's largest one-design keelboat class.  With used J/24s available at affordable prices, the J/24 class continues to attract many of the world's best sailors worldwide due to its affordability, quality of competition and depth of talent. What was true 35 years ago is true today, one-design keelboat sailing in a strictly controlled ISAF one-design class affords many people the opportunity to learn quickly and progress forward according to their ability-- at any level of sailing-- locally, regionally, nationally or globally. Even America's Cup and Volvo Race sailors owe their experience as sailors to J/24s.  Never forget it!  Sailing photo credits- Tim and Sharon Green/ Ultimate