Wednesday, January 9, 2013

J/80s Sailing Tigullio Winter Championship

J/80s sailing in Italy(Tigullio, Italy)- Over December and January, the J/80 fleet in Italy hosts their annual "Winter Championship".  A lavishly fun event with plenty of great food and wine and, given some decent weather, even some good sailing!

On the first day of sailing, the wind Gods, of course, didn't cooperate, so everyone had a wonderful time tasting delicious local pastas, antipastos and vino blanco y roja.  However, on the second day, two races were run in excellent conditions off Lavagna.  Winds were around 10-12 kts from the south in a reasonably warm, gentle breeze.

Massimo Rama's JENIALE ran off a string of five first places, leading at the end of the weekend with a good margin over their rivals. Behind the battle for first place, Signori Tye sailing TWT is solidly in second place with four 2nds and a 5th for a total of 13 pts.  Maria Cristinia Rapisardi sailing her J-BLUE-2 is quickly becoming one of Italy's top women sailors in J/80s, amassing a 3-4-3-2-7 to just hold onto 3rd place with 19 pts.   Just behind her in fourth is Alberto Garribotto on J-BES with 7-3-4-3-3 for 20 pts and in fifth is Andrea Henriquet on J-BLUE-6 with a 4-6-6-6-5 tally for 27 pts.  The final round that takes place on the weekend of January 13.  For more J/80 Italian Winter sailing information.

And, speaking of J/80s, check out the "iSea tracker" video of the French J/80 Nationals in Douarnenez, France.  It's interesting to hear the excited French voice-over commenting on the J/80s sailing around the track.  Watch the YouTube J/80 tracker sailing video here.