Monday, February 13, 2012

Promoting sailing and fun

Sailing in Mediterranean on The Yacht Crew* Promoting sailing and fun-- one musical video at a time?!  A well-known European musical group called "The Pantless Knights" recently joined "The Yacht Week" (a large "cruise-in-company" sailing vacation group) for a trip to the Mediterranean to shoot a music video while sailing.  Apparently it was an amazing trip and it's refreshing to see that people on The Yacht Week don't take themselves too seriously.  So, we thought it'd be fun to do something you don't often see while sailing: excessive fist-pumping while sailing-- a bit like Tony Horton's famous fitness program called "P90X" mixed with sailing your boat and grinding winches!  Too amusing for words.  Check it out.  If more people had this much fun sailing, the sport of sailboat racing and the recreational activity of sailing would have nothing to worry about-- the masses would be flinging their bodies at you in droves demanding to be crew! Wouldn't that be nice?     YouTube Yacht Week Sailing Video here