Monday, February 20, 2012

J's Sailing off Puerto Vallarta- Mexico

J/133 PALADIN sailing in Puerto Vallarta- winning Vallarta Cup* It is always amazing to see where J's end up around the world-- like the J/41 One-Tonner that has been modified to be an ultra-cool racer-cruiser sailing in Thailand and Malaysia by a Frenchman- Jean Rheault or the fire-engine red J/35 resurrected from the ash-heap of history cruising Mexico and Central America.  Recently, one of the J/133s changed hands and it's new owners continue to race successfully (e.g. when they're not cruising!).  The Canadian purchaser of RUM FUNNY in 2011 re-named her PALADIN (seen here).  With the addition of carbon sails, PALADIN just won the Vallarta Cup in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico! Cool stuff.  Thanks for this report from Bud Suiter.