Tuesday, February 14, 2012

J's Leading Sailboat Brand In Newport-Bermuda Race Entries

J/44 racer cruiser one-design sailboat- sailing to Bermuda (Newport, RI)- Three weeks into the entry process for the 48th Newport Bermuda Race, applications for entry for the 2012 race continue to roll in at a rapid rate for the 106-year-old biennial ocean-racing classic, with expectations of another large fleet.

Brin Ford at the Bermuda Race Organizing Committee, commented, "As of February 3rd, the rate of entries was exactly on pace with the 2010 race with 105 boats having submitted Applications for Entry (AFE)." The Newport Bermuda Race is an invitational event, so skippers must submit an application and receive an invitation before completing the registration process. The 2010 race was the third largest ever, with 183 boats. The only bigger fleets were 264 in the 2006 Centennial Race and 198 in 2008.

J/120 sailboat- sailing to Bermuda off Castle Hill Light starting lineAmong boat builders, currently J/Boats has 21 entries, twice as many as any other brand!  In other words, nearly 25% of the Bermuda Race fleet are comprised of passionate offshore J sailors.  Many of them are amongst some of the most experienced and successful offshore sailors.   Amongst the returning boats is GOLD DIGGER, Jim Bishop's J/44 (New York, NY) who will be back for its twelfth race in what looks to be like another tour'de'force for the five boat J/44 class so far.  Included amongst them are Phil Gutin's BEAGLE, Len Sitar's VAMP, Jason Leblanc's GLORY and Lawrence Glenn's RUNAWAY.  In addition to the strong turnout of J/44s, there are a number of other very competitive boats in the St David's Lighthouse Division, including two well-sailed J/120s lead by Richard Born's WINDBORN and Jim Praley's SHINNECOCK.  Also present are past Bermuda Race competitors Darren Garnier sailing his J/35 GREAT SCOT, Jan Smeets on his J/133 BACCHANAL and Andrew Weiss sailing his highly successful J/122 CHRISTOPHER DRAGON.  In Cruising Division will be Howie Hodgson's J/160 TRUE.

J/122 racer cruiser sailboat- sailing to BermudaFinally, the Double-Handed Division is only getting stronger every Bermuda Race.  This year we'll see repeat Bermuda Race winners participating, like Jason Richter's incredibly well-sailed J/35 PALADIN.  Like last time, Jason will have his hands full with two J/120s, Hewitt Gaynors' MIRIELLE and Gardner Grant's ALIBI- both tough contenders.  Plus, toss in Scott Miller's J/122 RESOLUTE and Nathan Owen's J/46 SEABISCUIT and you have a nearly "one-design" race amongst these five boats.  Thanks for contribution from- Talbot Wilson.  For more Bermuda Race sailing information.