Friday, June 10, 2011

J's Sail Cedar Point One-Design Regatta

J/30 sailboat- sailing with friends and family
Four J Classes Enjoy Casual Competition
(Cedar Point, CT)-  Each year the Cedar Point YC proves yet again they're clearly one of the most fun and laid back sailing clubs to host a major event every summer.  This year, RC Chair Lincoln Schoenberger and crew demonstrated why CPYC events are so popular, good RC work, making quick work of setting lines and race courses with little waste of time.

The J/109s saw some nice competition but the eventual class winner, David Rosow on LOKI was never challenged by his colleagues, winning with straight firsts for a total of five points in six races (one toss).  The real story was the fight for second place, with the eventual outcome hanging on the outcome of a tie-breaker due to results in the last race.  Winning the tie-break was Jeff and Daine Warren's ARIEL with a 3-3-2-2-4-2 record for 12 pts.  Ending up on the short-end of the tie-break was Richard Imbruce's JOYRIDE with a  2-2-3-3-2-3 record also for 12 pts.

The J/105 class showed up in force with an excellent turnout of nine boats.  Showing their recent Manhattan YC J/105 Regatta win was no fluke was Kevin Grainger's team on GUMPTION 3, narrowly beating arch-rival Damian Emery's championship team on ECLIPSE.  Kevin took the top honors with a 2-1-2-4-1-5 record for 10 pts.  Damian started out slowly, working off a few cobwebs one might imagine and finished with a flourish, but not enough to win it all, earning a 6-2-5-1-2-1 scoreline for 11 pts.  Third was Paul Beaudin on LOULOU with a 3-3-1-3-3-3 for 13 pts, earning by far the most consistent sailing of the fleet.

The J/80s seemed to have a lot of fun and a real mix of races amongst one another with only six points separating the top four after six races.  Leading everyone home with a four point lead was Al Minella's RELENTLESS, getting a 2-1-2-1-3-1 for 7 pts.  Second was Ansgar Chorhummel on KIA ORA with a strong start of 1-2-1 but a slow finish of 4-4-3, for a total of 11 pts.  Third was Mac Cooper on the appropriately named WORKBOAT, working hard to earn a third average (and on his scoreline) for the regatta, getting a 3-3-3-3-1-4 for 13 pts.

Not to be outdone by their younger siblings, the J/30 class remains strong at Cedar Point and a good turnout of six boats made for some nice racing.  Seemingly having an early leg up on the fleet early in the summer season was John McArthur's SMILES, dashing off a 1-2-1-1-2-3 score for 7 pts.  It was close racing for the silver and bronze on the podium with Steve Buzbee on the renown BLUE MEANIE taking second with a 2-1-6-2-3-1 for 9 pts.  Hanging in for third was Harrison Gill III's HELIUM with a 3-3-4-5-1-2 for 13 pts.   For more Cedar Point One-Design Regatta sailing information