Thursday, June 2, 2011

Brad Van Liew Sweeps Velux 5 Ocean Race

Brad Van Liew winning Velux 5 Ocean Race* Johnstone family relative Brad Van Liew claims victory after spending more than 500 days alone at sea in the last fifteen years, racing under extreme conditions around the planet earth. Sleeping in brief catnaps around the clock, subsiding on dehydrated food, and enduring the physical and mental challenges of solo racing around the globe on a high tech 60-foot race boat may sound appalling to some, but Brad keeps asking for more. He is the very first American to ever officially finish three solo races around the globe, a remarkable accomplishment in and of itself.  He is also the first Brad Van Liew celebrating Velux 5 Ocean Race Winperson worldwide to sweep all legs of the Velux 5 Oceans race for two complete events, an even more remarkable accomplishment.  In the last leg of this year's Velux 5 Ocean Race, he crossed the finish line to win 1st Place overall aboard his LE PINGOUIN ECO 60 boat claiming victory as the only entry from the USA and undoubtedly America's finest solo ocean racer.

"I feel the exuberance and joy of winning an incredible race and experiencing the unforgettable  journey of sailing around the world alone," said Van Liew while waiting outside the locks to enter La Rochelle's historic Harbor. "There is just nothing else in the world like it. The challenges are unique and can be dangerous and invigorating at the same time. It is a test of the soul and involves reaching deep to overcome physical and mental challenges I have seen nowhere else in sport or life."   For more sailing information on Brad's LE PINGOUIN Velux 5 adventures     Sailing photo credit- Ainhoa Sanchez br />