Friday, May 27, 2011

Interface Concept J/80 Cup

(Vallée des Fous, France)- This year's Interface Concept J/80 Cup, was won by the crew of the boat INTERFACE CONCEPT 2, skippered by Eric Brézellec and sponsored by the CEO of this company, Bruno Rolland. Jean Michel Lucas, President of the Club de la Vallée des Fous was the organizer of the event. About 130 competitors participated during the three days event which was attended by 25 J/80s from across from the western coast of France, from Cherbourg to La Rochelle. The whole idea behind the regata in the "valley of fools" is to have fun and enjoy sailing with friends.

However, on the morning of registration, the organizers learned of the death of Hubert Desjoyeaux, the elder brother of Michael who was sailing in the J/80 regatta. A great sailor in his own right in his young years and the leading composite race-boats builder in France for 27 years, Hubert Desjoyeaux passed away yesterday at 52, following a several months battle with cancer.  The early Formula 40 tris, Sport Elec (Jules Verne holder), several ORMA 60s, Vendee globe winners PRB, Foncia and other IM0CAs, more recently BP V and the first two MOD 70's have set his yard at the very top, and will carry his legacy.  On Sunday morning, everyone wanted to show their affection to Hubert Desjoyeaux and relatives accompanying the boat carrying the ashes were scattered behind Penfret, to Glénan. An emotional moment before the last two races played out on Sunday.

While Eric and his team sailed to a convincing win with a 12-1-2-4-bfd-4-1-2-1-1 with 16 points after two throw-outs, it was anything but an easy battle for the next two spots on the podium.  The next four boats fought like valiant knights for the top three and none of the 2 through 5 positions were determined until the final race!  What a finish for this competitive fleet!  And, perhaps of some significance was the girls are going for it and getting it!  Second was Maxime Rousseaux's team on CN ST CAST GRAND OUEST ETIQUETTE with a slow start, but strong finish scoreline of 11-10-1-8-4-3-3-1-4-4 for 28 points after two toss races.  Third only one point back was Patrick Bot's team on ECOLE NAVALE CG 29 with a 6-4-7-6-1-1-2-bfd-2-19 for 29 points.  Fourth was Christine Briand, she sailed a very consistent score of 2-2-6-3-5-20-4-5-3-10 for 30 points, had it not been for a 10th in the last race she could easily have finished second in the regatta!  Fifth was Simon Moriceau on INTERFACE CONCEPT with a 4-5-3-2-2-16-9-6-5-13 for 36 points.   For more J/80 France sailing information