Wednesday, December 23, 2009

J/97 SAILING WORLD 2010 Boat of the Year Winner

J/97 Sailing World Boat of the Year- BOTY- IRC racing- cruising- one-design sailboat

J/97 Wins Best Club Racer

In the words of the Sailing World Editors- "The J/97 sails beautifully and has the volume, look and feel of a 40 footer.  Somehow in the populated J/Boat world, designer Alan Johnstone has found himself a sweet spot between the more racing oriented J/105 and the cruise-able J/109 and J/122.  “This is a really versatile boat,” said Chuck Allen, who was most impressed with its simplicity and comfort.  “The perfect sort of boat for taking to an out-of-town regatta.  You could stay on it and race it.  It definitely feels bigger than it really is.”"

Thanks to J Europe for the successful introduction of the J/97, which is currently a finalist in the European Boat of the Year awards (being announced next month).  Read more about the  J/97 Sailing World Award