Thursday, June 18, 2009

J/95 Sunday Afternoon Cruise

A fly-by of Fisher's Island Sound proves this boat rides on rails and flies!

(Stonington, CT- June 7th)- No question that Rodney's latest creation is a winner from any perspective. From the ability to back down out of a slip and literally turn 90 degrees in a half boat length (e.g. keeps you out of trouble) to the extraordinary capability to just about stop in less than a boat length by doing a quick "bat turn left" and a "bat turn right" only begins to describe the amazing aspects of the new J/95 shoal-draft performance daysailer.
Leaving the docks at 3:00 pm in Stonington, we proceeded to sail out of the harbor on starboard tack in a light WSW building breeze. After taking one tack onto port, we proceeded to sail up Fisher's Island Sound against a full ebb current flowing at up to 3 knots in places. Upwind we averaged over 6.5 knots through the water until we reached Flat Hammock Island just shy of South Dumplings. We turned around and set the masthead asymmetric kite heading back to Stonington on starboard tack. In the 8 to 14 knot breeze we managed to hit 8+ knots on a 110 degree apparent wind angle, board up, no hands on the wheel, tracking straight down the Sound planing with a flat wake--- wow, what a fun, easy boat to sail. It will totally change your perspective for the coolest picnic sailboat you've ever jumped aboard in your life. Careful, a demo sail on the new J/95 is much fun, lotsa room in the cockpit for friends and family-- you won't stop loving it. I promise (says long-time racer and expert daysailer- Stuart Johnstone )