Saturday, February 17, 2018

Sailing With Family, Kids & Friends- The KNEE DEEP crew

J/34 Knee Deep crew
More often than not, we get some incredibly amusing and heartfelt stories, photos, and videos from various members of the J/World from all points of the compass, near and far.

One of the more amusing friends & family teams in that universe happens to sail a classic J/34 IOR design from the 1980s.  A beautiful boat with sharp bow and long pointy IOR-type transom- reminiscent of her famous sistership- the incredibly successful SORC-winning J/41.

In this case, it is a crew from Lake Erie that is sailing the J/34 IOR boat called KNEE DEEP.
J/34 Knee Deep girl crew- Charlotte
For readers of the J/Newsletter, they are a familiar group- a bunch of fun-loving sailors on Lake Erie that enjoys campaigning their light-air flyer on a lake that can appreciate such sailing qualities.

Here is the latest “home-brew” video from KNEE DEEP’s owners- Brett & Katie Langolf.  As he says, “a friendly pro videographer shot a segment on our family and life on the J. Please use it wherever you need it- social, newsletter, etc!  We hope you and the entire J/community enjoy what we do.  We hope everyone has as much fun as we do on our beloved J/34- she’s awesome!
J/34 Knee Deep crew
Have a great weekend and stay warm!  Colder than a witch’s ‘you-know-what’ here in the bloody Midwest! Like hell has frozen over! Anyone need crew in Florida anytime soon!??”

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