Tuesday, October 25, 2016

J/World Sailing Program- Winter 2017

J/80 and J/70s sailing J/World (Annapolis, MD)- This year, J/World coaches will be participating in the Quantum J/70 Winter Series.  They will have spaces available for sailors onboard their J/70's for anyone who is interested in upping their sailing game, gaining experience sailing in a big one design fleet or exploring the shear joy of the easy speed of the J/70.  Space fills fast, but there are three opening spaces for our programs in both December and January.  Like all of the programs, clients will get to do it all, including driving, trimming and calling the shots on the race course.

For J/70 owners who are traveling to these events, there is a great opportunity to join in the structured drills and daily organized debriefs that take place during the practice days.  Any team that is interested in joining us for an organized practice session should contact us to find out how we can provide low cost support prior to the event.

Finally, J/World have experienced racing coaches who are available to support newer J/70 owners at these events.  Let’s face it- a 50 boat fleet of the best sailors in the world tuned up to race the hottest boat on the market can be a little intimidating. We've been there and done that, and would love to help any interested team get up to speed in any capacity that makes sense.  In this capacity, J/World will be at these events:
  • Davis Island #1
  • Davis Island #2
  • Key West Race Week
  • Davis Island #3
  • St. Pete NOODs
  • J/70 Midwinters
  • Miami Bacardi Cup
  • Charleston Race Week
  • Annapolis NOOD
Please note- J/World has space open on the J/88 for the famous Fort Lauderdale- Key West Race.  Their annual "Rocket Round The Reef" event is the most exciting adventure race for J/Boat sailors.  We prepare with three days of intense training before the overnight sprint to Key West.  This year, there will be two other 88's racing and for any J/Boat sailor who can't commit to Key West Race week or is considering moving into an offshore style boat like the new J/121 - this is the training event for them.  Space is very limited and we do ask to review a sailing resume before we book the client.

For more information on J/World’s J/70 and J/88 training programs, please contact Kristen Berry- work- 410-280-2040/  cell- 410-599-3542/ email- kristen@jworldannapolis.com/ website.