Friday, July 1, 2016

Amazing Cleveland Race Week!

J/70s sailing Cleveland Race Week (Cleveland, OH)- According to Erik Shampain, “What a great time at Cleveland Race Week sailing aboard the J-70 SOUL along with David Koski, Greg Gregory Koski, and Bill Wiggins. We had an amazing first day in the breeze. Unfortunately, we couldn't hang on in the light tricky last day and ended up second. Congratulations to the HOOLIGAN gang on the well deserved win. I learned a bit, met some great people (including on the flight home), ate like a king, drank some wine that was far better then I should be allowed, and got lucky and caught the second half of the NBA finals at the Houston Admirals Club!”

J/70 sailing Cleveland Race WeekThose sentiments were shared by many at Cleveland’s Edgewater Yacht Club.  The first weekend of one-design racing was enjoyed by all, with great breeze on the first day and shifty, streaky breezes on the second day.  Winning the J/70 class was Trey Sheehan’s HOOLIGAN FLAT STANLEY RACING from Put-in-Bay YC with an amazing scorecard of 1-2-2-2-2 for just 9 pts total.  Behind them, Dave Koski’s crew on SOUL actually had to overcome a tie-breaker on 15 pts each to take the silver over Lee Sackett’s USA 364 from Edgewater YC.  Fourth was also determined on a tie-break at 26 pts each, with Dan Klassen’s LUXURY PROBLEMS winning that matchup over another Sackett family member- Tod’s FM taking fifth.

The huge J/22 class had fourteen wildly enthusiastic crews participating in the event.   Unfortunately, just two races counted, it was Vic Snyder’s MO from Youngstown YC that won with all 2nds.  Mike Marshall’s Jamestown, RI based crew took home the silver on BAD NEWS with a 5-3.  Third was Chris Princing’s EVIL DR PORK CHOP from Tawas Bay YC.  Meanwhile, a MEANIAC crew sailing for Mike Meaney was fourth and behind them was Mark Stuhlmiller’s EUDAIMONIA from Buffalo YC across the lake.

J/24s also sailed just two races with Dean Riedy’s HALL PASS from Sandusky Sailing Club bulleting everything thrown at them.  Second was Louie Palmer’s BOOYAH from SSC as well.  The long-distance traveler, John O’Brien’s FLYBY from Indianapolis YC, must have felt it was worth the effort collecting the bronze at this major event!  Behind them in fourth was Steve Hronke’s BLACK & TAN and Cathleen Graf’s GRAFIX in fifth (go Gurl Pow’r!).  Next week if Cleveland Offshore Race weekend!  For more Cleveland Race Week sailing information