Saturday, January 25, 2014

Pacific Northwest Top 25 Intergalactics

Top 25 sailboats in Seattle/ Pacific NorthwestJ’s Dominant Brand Offshore
(Seattle, WA)- The Best of 25 Intergalactic Championship is a comprehensive look into the large group of sailboats that race throughout the Greater Puget Sound area between Seattle, Victoria and Vancouver.  Here is Ben Braden’s report:

“For starters, we wish to “thank” Jan and Skip Anderson once again for taking the time to be out on the water taking these amazing photographs of the boats and sport we all love! These two not only get their boat out to take photo’s, they assist the race committees with course issues, they put boats in distress under tow and have even been known to deliver sailors with medical emergencies to the shore for care.  Thank you for all you do out there Jan and Skip! We’re blessed to have you on the water!

Please be sure to swing by the Sail Northwest booth (J/Boats Northwest dealer) at the Big Seattle Boat Show (just look for the J/70) and pick up your photo’s!

So, the Best of 25 Intergalactic Championship is based on the following: we picked 25 different races from the South Sound, West Sound, East Sound and even way up North to Whidbey, Anacortes and the San Juan Islands. 25 different races that put 556 different boats on the list. Think about that for a second, 556 different sailboats are out racing in Washington’s & British Columbia waters– that is an amazing amount of boats!

Each boats score is developed by adding up their finish places, by class, in each and every race. No boat did all of the 25 races so a “DNE” score (Did Not Enter) was developed and is simply the worst class score in the particular race +2. Encouraging and rewarding participation, combined with doing well, of course, is the plan for the Best of 25. Nothing is thrown out in the Intergalactic Championship– everything counts!  Participation is key– the most active consistently well-sailed boat comes out on top every year.  Ties are broken by the number of races entered and then the number of first place finishes.

For 2013 the races of the Best of 25 include Winter Vashon, Duwamish Head, Toliva Shoals, Blakely Rock Light, Islands Race, The Tulip Cup, Blakely Rock Benefit, The Puget Sound Spring Regatta, Protection Island, Race to the Straits, Vashon Island, Three Buoy Fiasco, The West Sound Sailing Association Series, Whidbey Island Race Week, Down the Sound, the new T-town Regatta, Northern Century, The Pacific International Tonner Championship, Star & Bar, Round Bainbridge, Foulweather Bluff, The Puget Sound Sailing Championships, Grand Prix, Round the County, & The Snowbird Series.  Buoy racing, mid-distance races, weekend and season series along with shorthanded races and two day events– basically, everything Puget Sound sailing has to offer.”  Thanks for contribution from Ben- for any questions contact him at-

Of the Top 25 boats, J’s took eight places (32% share), by far the dominant brand in the Intergalactic series.  Taking the #2 slot was LAST TANGO, a J/105 owned by Corinthian Yacht Club of Seattle’s Jim Geros.  Normally thought of as a One-Design racer LAST TANGO garnered 192 points after doing 14 of the 25 races while taking home only one 1st place finish.
In the #6 position was SLICK, a J/29 owned by Corinthian Yacht Club of Tacoma’s Pat Nelson and Bob Mayfield; they sailed 10 of the 25 races with 6 first place finishes and a total of 217 points. J/29 Slick sailing Seattle
Garnering the #8 finish was the famous TANTIVY, a top J/109 owned by Corinthian Yacht Club of Seattle’s Stuart Burnell; TANTIY sailed 11 of the 25 races with 2 first place finishes and totaled 230 points. J/109 Tantivy sailing off Seattle
Taking #10 position was yet another J/105.   DELIRIUM is owned by Corinthian Yacht Club of Seattle’s Jerry Diercks; DELIRIUM sailed 9 of the 25 races, winning 8 races for a total of 231 points. J/105 Delirium sailing off Seattle
And yet another J/105 took the #12 spot! DULCINEA is owned by West Sound Corinthian Yacht Club’s Mathew Gardner-Brown; they sailed 10 of the 25 races, with 2 first place finishes and a total of 235 points. J/105 Dulcinea sailing off Seattle
In the #15 slot was HERE & NOW, a J/29 owned by Corinthian Yacht Club of Seattle’s Pat Denny; they sailed 10 of the 25 races with 1 first place finish and 237 total points. J/29 Here and Now sailing off Seattle
Rounding out the Top 25 were the two big J’s in the fleet.  In the #22 position was the beautiful navy-blue JAM, a J/160 owned by Gig Harbor Yacht Club’s John McPhail; they sailed 8 of the 25 races with 5 first place finishes and had a total of 245 points. J/160 JAM sailing off Seattle
The other was the J/145 JEDI, taking the #23 finish.  She’s owned by Seattle Yacht Club’s John & Edie Tenneson; they sailed 10 of the 25 races with 2 first place finishes and 246 points total, just one point back from stable-mate JAM! J/145 JEDI sailing off Seattle
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