Thursday, October 17, 2013

e-Regatta J/70 Game App

J/70 game app (Kaliningrad, Russia)- "e-Regatta" is an interactive real-time sailing race simulator with an addictive game-play. It's intended for any player regardless of sailing and racing experience. Join the game if you dare!

In order to take part in the race, you create an account on, download "e-Regatta" app and install it on your smartphone (Android or Apple iOS) or PC/ Windows machine. After that you get access to the game server presuming you have an Internet connection.

The winners are determined every week after a series of races and awarded with real prizes that are provided by our partners. At the close of the year we summarize the total rating and publish it.

J/70 game appThe game engine contains the implementation of hydrodynamic and aerodynamic laws (the basic physics of sailing), wind shadows, environmental turbulence, wind oscillation and polar curves for the J/70 one-design speedster-- it's the base model for the game!

The regattas are conducted according the ISAF Racing Rules of Sailing 2013-2016. All decisions on "protests" are submitted in real-time.  Just like the America's Cup 34 on NBC-TV/!  Real-time graphics and outcomes!

Have you never taken part in sailing races? Have you missed the Olympic games? This virtual regatta will give you an opportunity to start from the scratch and become a champion. If you're a regatta fan, if you dream about yacht racing, "e-regatta" is your way to enjoy the world of sailing-- virtually.

For any questions, please contact Grigory Aksenov at Kitira LTD- mobile: +7 909 157 69 24 or email-   Learn more about the J/70 on-line sailing game.