Saturday, August 3, 2013

J/70 Weed & Kelp sticks!

J/70 rudder and keel kelp stick (San Diego, CA)- J/70s are sailing in areas notorious for having weed & kelp issues.  Lightweight, quick-to-deploy carbon sticks are often a great answer to the difficult issue of getting weed/kelp off the bottom of the rudder and the keel where the "weed whacker" doesn't reach.  For places like New England, California and lakes like Minnetonka, SD Boatworks has come up with an elegant solution- the J/70 carbon fiber kelp/ weed stick.  Here's a Youtube video of how it works on the rudder and when you lie down on your stomach next to the shrouds, you can use this to also get rid of weed on the bottom of your keel!

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If you'd like to get one, please contact Julie Servais at SD Boatworks- ph# 619-592-8682 (office) or 619-632-2444 (cell) or  Their website is