Friday, July 5, 2013

J/122 RESOLUTE Takes Bermuda One-Two Overall!

Bermuda One-Two sailors (Newport, RI/ St George's, Bermuda)- After sailing 635nm twice in a period of around three weeks, going from Newport to Bermuda and back, it may be time for Scott Miller to take his J/122 RESOLUTE back to the barn for some R&R!  After all, after winning the outbound single-handed race, winning Class 1 both on elapsed and handicap time and sailing back double-handed with friend George Hazelton to repeat the feat of the first
leg, it may be time for celebration, relaxation and reflection on a job well-done! In fact, this may be the first time that any boat sailing the classic Bermuda One-Two Race has ever won both elapsed, corrected and overall honors on both legs!

J/122 Resolute prepares to sail Bermuda One-Two RaceIf some of you recall, the Bermuda One-Two is one of the classic short-handed races in the summer northeastern offshore sailing schedule, especially for those who love the challenge of short-handed sailing.  It's a race many sailors look forward to in between the Storm Trysail's fully-crewed version that takes place in even years.  For most, the "odd years" sailing from Newport to Bermuda outbound single-handed and returning on the summer solstice from Bermuda to Newport sailing double-handed, is the ultimate test of sailing skill.

Congratulations again to Scott and George on their formidable accomplishment and proof, yet again, the J/122 is an easy boat to sail short-handed offshore in such a forgiving fast boat (note- read the story below about sailing the J/122 in "darwinian sailing conditions!).
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