Friday, June 28, 2013

J/122 RESOLUTE Takes Bermuda One-Two Outbound

Bermuda One-Two sailors enjoying dinner on Bermuda!(Newport, RI/ St George's, Bermuda)- One of the classic short-handed races is the 635nm Bermuda One-Two Race.  It's a race many sailors look forward to in between the Storm Trysail's fully-crewed version that takes place in even years.  For most, the "odd years" sailing from Newport to Bermuda outbound single-handed and returning on the summer solstice from Bermuda to Newport sailing double-handed, is the ultimate test of sailing skill.

After a gorgeous start on June 8th with sunny skies and a beam reach out of Narragansett Bay, Scott Miller's J/122 RESOLUTE managed to draw first blood and win Class 1 on both elapsed and handicap time over a C&C 41 and a Class 40!

The fleet is now sailing the return double-handed leg from Bermuda to Newport and Scott is sailing with friend George Hazelton.  At noon on June 20th the fleet took off from the Sound. The wind kept shifting from WSW to SSW but the fleet made it out of the Town Cut with no problems.  The fast ferry even arrived between classes; very accommodating.  The fleet are being tracked by Yellowbrick again, for you armchair sailors you can monitor and strategize what's the best course for the given winds and cut-across past the infamous meanders of the Gulf Stream.   For more Bermuda One-Two sailing information