Saturday, September 17, 2011

J/24 Ugotta Regatta Announcement!

J/24 one-design class- sailing lake minnetonka (Wayzata, MN)- On October 8th and 9th the Wayzata Yacht Club will be hosting the J/24 Great Lakes Championship on Lake Minnetonka as part of the Pig’s Eye Brewing Company U-Gotta Regatta, a Great Lakes Championship.  Yes, we’re serious about that title sponsor, and that’s one more reason to come.

The U-Gotta has always been a wonderful event. The hospitality of the fleet and members of WYC are second to none.  2011 will be no exception. We encourage any and all J/24’s to attend this great event, and here’s the rub:  If you are a J/24 Class Member, and you’re looking to sail the 2012 J/24 Worlds in Rochester, this is the final event of the year that will get you qualified.  Remember – Rochester’s Worlds is the first “Open” J/24 Worlds in about a J/24s century, and the only qualification is to sail at least one major event in 2011, and this is the last of them!  All you have to do is show up with your boat and race. We will wash the road grim off, help you launch and get you back on your way, and by the way…the entry fee for out-of-town boats is FREE (and we may even be able to provide you with housing).

As if that isn’t enough, it’s fall. You will be treated to a beautiful back drop of colorful trees, and if it’s anything like the last few years, BREEZE! Saturday night will be awesome with a $50.00 per-out-of-town-boat fee for the famously tasty Shrimp Boil provided by Uncle Bernie and his lovely assistant Matt. Oh yeah, and the famous E-Scow bar will be here serving up the libations. We also welcome back Pig’s Eye Brewing Company as our presenting sponsor.

Get on up here!  P.S. We have women.  Lots of women.  And, they serve you drinks from the E-Scow boat bar (like the one pictured here).  That’s gotta be worth something!  Trust us, it's worth the trip!  We could even give you a J/24 if you're nice to us!  For more J/24 Ugotta Regatta sailing information