Thursday, May 5, 2011

Terry Hutchinson- Why AC45 Cats are Faster than J/24s

J/24 World Champion sailor- Terry Hutchinson sailing America's Cup 34 Terry Hutchinson has been participating in the new America's Cup AC45 catamarans down in Auckland, New Zealand.  Terry has learned to stuff the bows already doing 20+ knots and "send it down the mine", as they call it- a euphemism for going down to the bottom of the sea!  Terry's ARTEMIS RACING Team is learning fast and are, simultaneously, sailing the Extreme 40 catamaran circuit in Europe and Asia.  Hear more about Terry's perspective on the "learning to sail catamarans for dummies 101".  Interesting stuff.  

So, which former J/24 World Champion has the better sailing toy?  Terry's AC45 and AC72 or Kenny's VOR 70?  In either case, you, too, could have that choice if you started sailing J/24s, J/22s or J/80s!!