Thursday, May 5, 2011

Ken Read's PUMA VOR 70 lives!

Puma VOR 70 sailing off Newport, RIDesigned by Juan K and built by buddy Tommie Rich at New England Boatworks! Or, what any self-respecting J/24 World Champion would want as a toy to go offshore across the Seven Seas. Looks a lot like the the last boat, just more black than red in the color scheme.  Looks FAST, though.  Just your basic box-boat 70 foot "scow" with a bluntish bow that's almost round.  Not exactly an aesthetic boat with romantic lines, just brutal, raw power manifest in all carbon-black (the interior is black, too-- pretty, eh?).  No micro-modal sheets, pillow tops and down pillows for these boys-- more like carbon cloth bunks, plastic clothes, plastic underwear and synthetic mainsheets easing constantly on carbon drums at 120 db every minute or so.  Fun? Just 38,000 miles worth, too.  Only for masochists paid to take the pain.   Nevertheless, we wish Kenny luck and God Speed on this venture-- the French brigade will be tough (Stan Honey thinks the French are even crazier and tougher than the Kiwi's offshore--- he oughta know, they even smoke Gaulouoise hand-rolled cigarettes when it's blowing 50 knots in the Roaring 40s!).   Sailing photo credits- George Beris