Thursday, May 26, 2011

J/22 France Open NN Erdre

J/22 one-design sailboat- sailing in France
(Erdre, France)- In a thrilling finale, Jean Francois Guionet and his crew of Yannick Souron and Thierry Picault from Nantes, France sailing their J/22 PAPY J managed to win on a tie-breaker over Patrick Huet's team on EUROPEAN HOMES.  Sailing to a 1-2-6-1-3-1 score for 8 points (including a throw-out race), Guionet's team just outlasted Huet's tally of 2-1-5-2-1-2 for 8 points as well.  In third Phillipe Thome's team on JULIE sailing to a 6-4-1-3-2-3 score for 13 points.   For more J/22 France sailing results