Wednesday, May 26, 2010

J/80s Racing Santa Margherita

J/80 one-design sailboat- sailing off Portofino, Italy


(Santa Margherita Ligure, Italy)-  It was a busy weekend for the J/80 class in Santa Margherita, with the final races of the Winter Championship Trophy and the Trofeo Grand Hotel Miramare being sailed in the azure Mediterranean waters just off the beautiful harbor and delicious cafes of Portofino.

The Italian Navy League of Santa Margherita were the perfect hosts, who are committed for five years to an event that keeps growing every year and is becoming a favorite of sailors in the region.  Two races were completed on Saturday with some difficulties due to the lack of wind; forcing the committee to shorten the courses both times.  However, on Sunday a strong ENE wind veered into the SSE gusting to 16-18 knots with beautiful white-capped waves.  As a result, everyone had tremendous fun surfing down the waves and sailing two challenging races.

On Saturday, JENIALE sailed to a 1-2, convincingly winning the J/80 Winter Championship.  Second was BEAR J GUZZI and third was OLD SPIRIT sailed by Hatamuri Rajola.  Sunday was a completely different story racing for the Trofeo Grand Hotel Miramare.  After sailing to a 1-1, JENIALE later found out that one of their firsts was an OCS premature start, dropping them down in the standings to second.  Instead, the final results of the Trophy Grand Hotel Miramare are then: first BEAR J GUZZI, second JENIALE and third JOCONDA MIRELLA ARATA.   If you get a chance, please check out the NEW J/80 Italy website!  Amici, buon lavoro!