Wednesday, April 14, 2010

J/100 Classic Daysailor Growing Worldwide

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(Newport, RI)- The reaction most sailors have when seeing the J/100 for the first time is often one of wonder and day-dreaming about taking off with a friend or loved one for a gorgeous evening sail.  Interest in the J/100 is going strong and with three new boats going to Long Island Sound and one to Sydney, Australia for summer 2010! The most exciting development is the addition of the new bow sprit package, which was first installed on the J/100 recently shipped to Sydney, Australia.  The J/100 sprit extends to 5.5' in front of the headstay (or 4.25' in front of the stem) and allows the kite size to increase from 80m2 to 89m2, or the same size as a J/105 class kite.   The Australian J/100 will be displayed by Ray & Sandra Entwistle (of Yacht Spot) at the Sydney Boat Show in July, while another J/100 sporting a spectacular AWLGRIP black hull will display at the Newport Show this September.  For more J/100 sailboat information.