Wednesday, March 17, 2010

J/95 BANJO Wins Naples Winter Regatta

shoal-draft cruising sailboat off Naples, FL

(Naples, FL- March 13-14)- J Florida dealer Craig Crossley teamed up with J/105 sailor, Jim Doane, to sail the J/95 BANJO in the Naples Sailing and Yacht Club Winter Regatta out in the Gulf of Mexico. Here's a summary of Jim Doane's commentary after racing: "My crew really enjoyed the opportunity.  The J/95 steers very straight downwind and you must turn the wheel more than typical to catch the waves. The J/95 with the board up has a tremendous potential to surf. As you can see, the main is easy to pump and the spin should be too with correct placement of the ratchets. On flat water, the boat still has a potential speed advantage as we saw in down to 10. But a bigger spin is a must. Keep the one you have for tighter reaches and 20+ breeze.  Upwind, the most obvious point is that this boat probably does not point that well on average relative to deep keel boats. Footing and speed and relative strategy and tactics are important to  maintain.  Overall, my crew and I really liked racing the boat and look forward to another opportunity to show her off!  I would suggest her purchase to anyone looking for an exciting and versatile 30 ft. ride!  For more J/95 sailing information.